The Artist verses the virus

By Rena Bryson

These are uncertain times for everyone, nationally and globally. With social distancing and self isolation many have struggled with work, not all can work from home. Especially artists who are often collaborative, social creatures used for working together. I’ve been missing teaching like crazy and we’ve been missing our rehearsal room and will be rehearsing via skype, a new challenge we’re looking forward to facing (virtually) alongside our amazing team. Here are some tips for the enclosed artist.

Hit the books

I’ve been using some of my new found free time to pick up some acting books I haven’t tackled properly since college. I’m currently reading Stella Adler’s The Art of Acting and re reading as a more experienced actor is a completely new and valuable experience. Next up on my list are Sanford Meisner On Acting and Secrets of Screen Acting.

Keep moving

Actors should always be moving and keeping in touch with their bodys. A great way to do this when out of the rehearsal room is yoga. I personally love Yoga With Adriene on youtube and try to do at least one video a day. This will keep not only your body fit during inclosure but your relation to it active and ready for when you return to the rehearsal room. 

Keep in touch

Just because we have to be enclosed doesn’t mean we can’t catch up with friends, family and collaborators. Why not still keep up that weekly coffee catch up with friends, just move it from your local cafe to an online space. With video chat there’s no excuse to not reschedule plans with friends. 

Self Tape

Many casting agents are still accepting self tapes for their upcoming projects. If none appeal to you you can still record self tapes of monologues to have prepared for future castings. 


Due to canceled rehearsals and rescheduled shoots most of us will have a bit more time on our hands. This offers a great opportunity to really reflect on our ongoing or upcoming projects. So often we’re moving too quickly to reflect on why we’re doing what we’re doing. Take advantage of this time when you have it. 


Although collaboration is often key artists can still create alone. Why not pick up a pen or an instrument and create a new piece. You could make a short film, write a new play, learn a new song, finish a painting the opportunities are endless.

I hope these tips will be useful for you and remember to take care of yourself and loved ones during this time. 

As many of you may know we had planned a Clothing Swap fundraiser for our upcoming show Uniform but unfortunately had to cancel due to the coronavirus. Due to this we are asking for support online through our Go Fund me. If you can offer any support it would be greatly appreciated.

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