Back to the Green Room: Artist Self Care

Happy August/September all! Hope everyone is keeping well in yet more uncertain times in the arts world. To anyone affected by the latest announcements and are left in limbo, I feel ye. This is why I thought this month I’d send you guys a reminder to look after yourselves, and each other. 

Personal Time

When you’re in the arts world, it’s hard to find the line between separating the love of your craft and your ‘working craft’. There are days after where you don’t even want to look at a paint brush, a play, a laptop or an instrument. That is ok. Even as we approach ‘normal’ again there is still time to find something new and or set personal time for yourself. Recently, I was listening to a podcast called ‘Ready to be Real’ by Sile Seoige. She was talking to Dermot Whelan who said that we’re so generous to our work and being busy. He said that we should allocate a time each day for ourselves to do whatever we want. Even if you don’t know what you’ll do with that time at least you know it’s there for you. For example, have activities in mind that you usually have ‘no time for’ and do it (adult colouring, reading, walking, going outside, watching the soaps with your mam). If you want to do more of your craft during this time then that’s ok too. 


GO TO BED!!! REST!!! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! Even if you can’t nap, do take some time to rest if you need to. That application, draft of an email, script for proofreading or paint isn’t going anywhere. We are at such a heightened emotional time right now, some of you are back to ‘normal’, others are still in lockdown or somewhere in between. In order to be your best self artistically, you need to be at your best physically and mentally. The same goes for meeting up/video calls, if you need to say no. You can’t pour from an empty cup.  


I can’t stress this enough. Talk to your peers and check in with your colleagues. Countless artists/arts organisations/arts teachers have been hit hard with the latest measures for workshops/classes. For some this is their steady income outside of show/exhibition season.  If someone seems like they’re ok or if you feel there’s something off, check in with them. They could’ve had a rough night or day, are crippled with anxiety of the unknown. If you need to talk to someone do. If you’re feeling anxious or worried please talk to someone.

To end this I want to emphasize that now more than ever the arts community needs to come together and stand together. We are creative, strong, adaptable and innovative people who have faced many challenges and will get through this. Get involved, show support and let’s unite. 


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