Eva’s Echo’s Edinburgh Fringe Experience

For this month’s blog, three members of the Jungle Door team share their experiences at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Edinburgh Fringe Storytime by Sabrina Kelleher

Edinburgh Fringe Vlog by Rena Bryson

Edinburgh Fringe blog by Hazel Doolan

It’s been a month since Edinburgh and I’m still processing it. When speaking to anyone, my words have been ‘It’s an experience’ and or ‘It’s like the Galway International Arts Festival on steroids.

At times being a producer got in the way of being in the moment, taking in surroundings and at times giving my best performance. Especially day one and two. That being said, it was certainly a learning experience with wonderful memories, great works to be seen and people who were absolute gems. 

What stayed with me was the regained confidence as an actor (once the first two days were done), as a person and the gratitude for the people who were with me. Whether it be playing games, flyering covered in ivy or in a wedding dress on the Royal Mile and exploring the breathtaking Edinburgh, I couldn’t have imagined doing all that with anyone else. 

Anyone going I’d advise you see as many things as you can, enjoy it, and pop into the cat cafe!

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