Hi! We are Eva’s Echo, otherwise known as Rena Bryson & Hazel Doolan. We started out as actors but after starting our theatre company in 2017 we explored our art through writing, directing and of course producing. We’ve since produced over 10 productions alongside amazing creative teams.

It is our mission to bring innovative theatre set in modern Ireland to both theatre lovers and new audiences. As artists we aim to give a voice to the underrepresented people of Ireland while consistently challenging ourselves creatively. We support the professional development of emerging artists by providing a platform, a safe working environment, a community, financial compensation and dramaturgical support.

The name Eva’s Echo originates from an Irish Legend titled The Children of Lir. This famous tale begins with mention of Eva, Lir’s wife and mother to the four children but after her death she is seemingly forgotten. As we strive to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves through our work, we’re honoring Eva through the company name while staying in touch with our Irish roots.

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