Audition for Starseed

We are casting four talented and passionate actors to perform in Starseed.

In this new dark comedy by Killian Glynn, homeless and disillusioned, Iris is far from the goddess she was named for. The streets of Galway transport her to surreal, dangerous and mystifying visions and she finds her past brought suddenly into the present. Armed only with her sharp wit and her best friend Gavrail, Iris must unravel her dreams and step into reality… before it’s too late.

Starseed will be performed at the Town Hall Theatre November 6th to 9th and rehearsals will begin in September. This production is paid by profit share. Eva’s Echo support emerging artists of all mediums, professional experience is not essential but passion and drive are.

Iris – The protagonist is struggling with differentiating between dreams and reality. She is from Galway, has a sharp wit and a dark sense of humor. Playing age : 18 – 25.

Gavrail – Iris’s companion and closest friend is originally from Bulgaria and previously worked as a professor. He has a soft demeanor and empathetic nature. Playing age: 30 – 50.

Shauna – Deceased friend to both Iris and Gavrail, she enjoys riling up Iris and portrays a playful but tough exterior. Physical theatre or dance training is desirable. Playing age: 30 – 40.

The Stranger – Charismatic and approachable with an air of danger. Playing an instrument particularly the drums is desirable. Playing age: 20 – 30.

To apply to audition please fill in the form below. Auditions will take place at NUI Galway on August 3rd. Each actor will receive an individual time slot via email.

If you any questions please contact us.