Behind the scenes of Match

Rehearsals for Match started on the 29th of April 2017 and continued until July 21st 2017 followed by five performances from the 26th to the 30th of July at the Mechanic’s Institute during the Galway Fringe Festival. 

A dynamic team of seven Hazel Doolan, Rena Bryson, Hazel Stanley, Pamela Devany, Elizabeth Flaherty, Killian Glynn and Cathal Ryan created a lively comedy which would win them the Galway Fringe Best Emerging Artists Award. 


Actors Rena Bryson and Elizabeth Flaherty becoming Charlotte and Ann in the first rehearsal of Match.



Killian Glynn as George, Hazel Doolan as Catherine, Cathal Ryan as Dan, Rena Bryson as Charlotte and Elizabeth Flaherty as Ann in the second rehearsal of Match.

Rehearsal One Match.jpg


As rehearsals continue emphasis on character work through exercises provided by director Hazel Doolan result in colourful, bright and theatrical characters filling the rehearsal space.



The world of the play developed quickly as Hazel Stanley’s design brought a new life to the production.

Red and Blue.jpg

Match 2.jpg


As rehearsals progressed director Hazel Doolan embraced the theatrical elements of this Comedy and created a stylised chase scene which would lead to two actors Rena Bryson and Killian Glynn running through the audience. She also added a dance/striptease that was not originally in the script.



Out of the rehearsal room

Actor Killian Glynn, Stage Manager Pamela Devany, playwright/director Hazel Doolan and Designer Hazel Stanley at the first visit to the Mechanics Institute where Match was performed.

Venue visit bw.jpg


Actors Elizabeth Flaherty and Rena Bryson at the launch of the Galway Fringe Festival programme at the House Hotel.

Rena and Elizabeth 01

Photo Credit – Catriona Bonner Photography.


The Match team mingling at the launch of the Galway Fringe Festival at Compu B shop street.

Fringe launch.jpg


Leading lady Elizabeth Flaherty at the Mechanics Institute during the Galway Fringe Festival.

Elizabeth 01

Photo Credit – Catriona Bonner Photography.


Actor Killian Glynn between shows at the Mechanics Institute.


The cast of Match before show time in the arts gallery at the Mechanic Institute.

cast of Match art room


The Match team thank their wonderful first audience post show!


The cast of Match backstage before the final performance.

Back stage.jpg


The Match team receiving the Best Emerging Artists/ Spirit of the Fringe Award at the Galway Fringe Ball at the Loft.


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