Clothing Swap

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One persons trash is another treasure! Join us at 4.00pm at The Cube in The Bailey Allen Hall at NUI Galway to support the arts with style on March 15th.

Beyond being economical, eco-friendly, and an excuse to clean out your closet, this swap party will be a great way to play with different styles.

It’s simple
1. Bring a few items from your wardrobe you no longer want
2. Donate €5 to our upcoming show Uniform.
3. Swap clothes with others.
4. Have a fab time swapping, chatting and enjoying snacks.
5. Leave with a smile and a new style.

PS. All items must be clean, quality clothes that are in good shape – no broken zippers!

Issues modern women in Ireland face


Our upcoming production Uniform explores self identity, coming of age and loss of agency through societal pressures and prejudice. Putting women living in modern Ireland in the spotlight. So we want to hear from the women of Ireland to make sure we are accurately representing you on stage. Have your say by filling in the quick survey below.

Please tick the box beside any of the issues you have faced.

Open call for talented Director!


We are searching for a talented director to join our team and take on Sarah Fahy’s Latte.

We’ve all done it, eavesdropping. You’re in a café, the couple at the next table, what is their relationship? First date? Related? Colleagues?

This play allows the audience a sneak peek into the lives of others while they sip their latte. It is a slice of life in contemporary Ireland exploring many modern issues. We are such complicated beings, two regular individuals having a coffee may not be what they seem.

A free rehearsed reading of Sarah Fahy’s Latte was performed as part of Galway Culture Night 2019 at The Crane Bar in Galway City on September 20th.

Rehearsals will run between July and August 2020 and Sarah Fahy’s Latte will be performed August 26th-29th 2020 at the Town Hall Theatre.

To apply simply fill out the form below before midnight on February 28th . If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Silence Challenge


Partake in our 24 hour silence challenge to raise funds for our upcoming production Jungle Door! All you have to do is stay silent for a full 24 hours, simple right? 😉

During the challenge record yourself in situations (shops, out with friends, be creative) and don’t for get to tag @evasecho on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or #JungleDoor.

In the run up to the challenge, get people from your community (family, friends, neighbors) to fill out the sponsorship form collect donations which can be later collected in cash or donated online through the online link.

Break a leg!