Join us for a fun filled creative writing night featuring work from Killian Glynn, Calamity TheatreUnamused TheatreDiffused Theatre Company and our own Hazel Doolan on the 5th of December at 7.30pm at the Róisín Dubh. We will be accepting donations for Jigsaw Galway on the night, with all proceeds going directly to this amazing cause.

Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. They believe a better life is possible for the hundreds of thousands of young people across Ireland facing mental health difficulties. And they passionately believe that with your help, their early intervention support and prevention can make a massive difference to the mental health of Ireland’s young people. Learn more about Jigsaw by visiting their website .

Creative writing night collage sepia
Eva’s Echo founders reading Match at a creative writing night in 2015

Creative writing nights are not only a lot of fun but a great way of bringing people together, promoting local artists and inspiring audiences. Eva’s Echo founders Rena Bryson and Hazel Doolan were brought together through a college creative writing night, during their time studying Performing Arts at I.T Sligo . Hazel approached Rena with a work in progress, written for a college assignment. This piece titled ‘Match’ would not only bring the pair together, but would later be developed into Eva’s Echo’s first production and win them the best emerging artists award at The Galway Fringe Festival in 2017.



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