The ‘Brigids’ Who Influenced My Work

A belated New Year to you all and a Happy St Brigid’s Day/Bank Holiday! I was going to write about something different this month but given the day that is in it and to pay tribute to our Patron Saint, I want to take the time to give some female artists that have influenced myContinue reading “The ‘Brigids’ Who Influenced My Work”

Audition for Latte

We are so delighted to announce auditions for our upcoming production Latte by Sarah Fahy. This production is a site-specific performance that will be performed at The Secret Garden Cafe. The Play We’ve all done it, eavesdropping. You’re in a café, the couple at the next table, what is their relationship? First date? Related? Colleagues?Continue reading “Audition for Latte”

Top Ten Reasons to Learn Acting as an Adult.

When we are children or when we have them our evenings and weekends are often dominated by extracurricular classes. As a child, I tried…. horse riding, ballet, Irish dancing, singing, guitar, and of course speech and drama. Notice the total absence of any sports activities, it was clear early on I was more artistic thanContinue reading “Top Ten Reasons to Learn Acting as an Adult.”

Casting Call

Auditions were completed on August 6th 2021. We are so delighted to announce auditions for our upcoming production It’s True I Love You All So Much by Jenni Nikinmaa. This production is a piece of digital theatre, this makes casting especially exciting as anyone with decent WIFI, a webcam and a mic can apply fromContinue reading “Casting Call”

Echo Acting

We are so excited to offically announce the launch of Echo Acting! In September classes in both Galway and Athlone will begin. Through each eight week programme you will explore different acting methods, experiment with different genres, build confidence and have lots of laughs along the way. Find out more