The ‘Brigids’ Who Influenced My Work

A belated New Year to you all and a Happy St Brigid’s Day/Bank Holiday! I was going to write about something different this month but given the day that is in it and to pay tribute to our Patron Saint, I want to take the time to give some female artists that have influenced myContinue reading “The ‘Brigids’ Who Influenced My Work”

Eva’s Echo’s Edinburgh Fringe Experience

For this month’s blog, three members of the Jungle Door team share their experiences at the Edinburgh Fringe. Edinburgh Fringe Storytime by Sabrina Kelleher Edinburgh Fringe Vlog by Rena Bryson Edinburgh Fringe blog by Hazel Doolan It’s been a month since Edinburgh and I’m still processing it. When speaking to anyone, my words have beenContinue reading “Eva’s Echo’s Edinburgh Fringe Experience”

Disney Table Quiz

Think you know a thing or two about Disney? Then join us for a night of fun and trivia in Massimo on Monday, July 11th! Where you’ll have the chance to win amazing prizes, meet the coolest of people, enjoy delicious treats and of course, support the arts! But what if I don’t have enoughContinue reading “Disney Table Quiz”

Coming Out Through Queer Theatre

The title kind of says it all, Queer Theatre changed my life. I used writing and creating Queer theatre as a vehicle for self-discovery, learning, and reflection. But mostly as yet another excuse for placing myself in the centre of Queer culture with the excuse of being a great ally. This is a realisation I now have in hindsight, not something I was consciously doing. But it all began with Jungle Door, a play I began writing when I first moved to Galway, before Eva’s Echo existed.