The team behind the Jungle Door


Playwright/Cast (Louise)

Rena Bryson is a Galway based theatre maker who wrote Jungle Door and plays Louise. After graduating from Performing Arts at IT Sligo Rena worked as an actor in the West of Ireland in productions including Bob Kelly’s The Big Wall, Dark Daughter Productions & Costume Hire’s Mother Loss, The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company’s Welcome to Wonderland and NoRopes Theatre Company’s Flash Theatre.

Her work as a playwright has been produced by The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company when her play Prey was included in the production Our Generation. She has appeared on screen acting and singing in Human Child featured on Leitrim Matters and as an extra in Hardy Bucks, True Crime and the film Halal Daddy, as well as having performed in many short films. 

Now based in Galway she is the co-founder of Eva’s Echo Theatre Company and completed a master’s degree in Theatre and Drama at NUI Galway last year. Rena assistant directed and performed in the company’s first production the award winning Match. With the company she played various comedic characters in Dayshift and Mia in Vlogger her second full length play to be produced. 


Cornelius Dwyer is a Galway based  theatre maker and jack of all trades. They began working in theatre at age 11 as an actor with Dreamstuff Youth Theatre and Young Irish Film makers, recieving training in acting as well as technical aspects of both theatre and film making. They studied Drama and Theatre Studies at University College Cork where they were prevellant in the universtiy theatre scene. Their show Heroine, which they both wrote and directed, won multiple awards including Best Director.

Concurrent to their education they were working in the professional theatre scene in Cork with Lantern Productions and Strive Theatre in numerous projects including a residency at the Triskel Arts Centre where they assistant directed Person at Risk underneath Eoin o hAnrachain, a county tour of Thomas Kent and a national tour of the award winning In Light of Salt Rings They Drew, in which they starred.

Having recently returned from London, where they worked as a house technician in the Tristan Bates Theatre attached to the Actors Centre, they are now working in Galway where they have colaborated with companies such as Diffused Theatre, Eva’s Echo and Galway Youth Theatre.

CAST ( Michelle)

Hazel Doolan was a graduate of Performing Arts at IT Sligo. She finds herself at home in the works of Wilde, Chekhov and Shakespeare while inspired by the practices of Stella Adler and Stanislavski. Hazel appeared in Sligo’s rustic theatre scene including Bob Kelly’s The Big Wall and Hardy Bucks Season Three.

As Co-founder of Eva’s Echo Theatre Company she wrote, directed and played Caroline in the award-winning Match. Hazel later played Yasmine in The Way It Is by Donna Hoke, and co starred as Michelle in Jungle Door during the Where We Are Now LGBT+ Theatre Festival 2018. This production was revisited during Galway Community Pride 2018.

Hazel made her directing comeback for sell out production Dayshift by Darren Donohue and Vlogger by Rena Bryson. Most recent projects include assistant directing Dance of the Furies shoot by Catriona Bonner Photography and Jessica Bruen and stage managing Starseed by Killian Glynn.


Sabrina Kelleher is an actor and designer based in the UK. She has studied and been working in theatre and film for the past 4 years. She has studied acting with David Scott in the Applied Art of Acting full-time course, with Christopher Torretto at Northern Star Acting, based in Leeds and Acting & Theatre Performance in GCC, where she developed a love of production design. Since moving to UK in late 2018, Sabrina has taken to the stage in many Pantomimes; Aladdin (2018) and Cinderella (2019) with Restless Entertainment and Dick Whittington (2019) with Manor Operatic Society.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Sabrina was working very closely with the Theatre Room Galway which is a local community of actors, writers and directors. Every month, she worked with many different creative people to bring as many short plays to the stage. She owes many of her design credits to Theatre Room, from costume and makeup to set and sound design. In 2017, she won Best Production Design for “When the Stars Fall”, which she also directed. She has also designed sets for “Tastes Like Chicken” and costumes for “Sucker”, all part of Theatre Room.

Sabrina has worked as a production designer and hair & makeup artist for various films and sketches with Project Spatula. In August 2017, she was one of the hair & makeup designers for Project Spatula’s feature film which was released at the Galway Film Fleadh 2018. She was the production designer for one of Project Spatula’s short sketches, “Mianach”, as part of TG4 Bloc sketches. Sabrina was the set and costume designer and stage manager for Eva’s Echo production of Dayshift, which premiered at the Town Hall Studio in late 2018. Sabrina has carried on working as a stage manager with Monkey Don’t Theatre on their preview production of “Pale Green Nothing” in November 2019. Jungle Door was Sabrina’s first production with Eva’s Echo and is very proud to be bringing it back to the stage.


Jessica Bruen is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sligo. They are currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Practice as Research at IT Sligo. Their main focus is performance, writing and costuming.

They have worked with Blue Raincoat Theatre, The Abbey and co- directed the opening musical review for the Where We Are Now festival 2018. They emphasize the ethereal in the every day and finding ways to incorporate performativity into each aspect of life.


Elizabeth Flaherty-CHD_2570Crop.jpg

Elizabeth is a passionate actress, writer and director of theatre, film and artistic ventures.

She has an Associate Diploma in Performing Speech and Drama from Trinity College London and trained in ‘Acting and Musical Theatre’ in Dublin.  She has performed in many musicals, plays and films. Some of her credits include Tessa in ‘The Loves of Cass McGuire’, Prince Edward in ‘Henry VI Part III’. In 2019, she won the Best Supporting Actress award from The Theatre Room.  She writes plays, poetry and blogs particularly on her artistic platform Secrets of Rainbows.

She was the director, writer and producer on team ‘Smile Time’ for the 48 Hour Film Challenge 2019 with Little Cinema and Galway City Of Film. She has directed for Amigo productions and Theatre Room. Elizabeth is part of the Pride committee as Pride week coordinator for Galway Pride 2020 and Winter Pride 2019. Just keep an eye out and you’ll find her dancing in the street and sprinkling fairydust everywhere she goes.