The team behind the Jungle Door

jungle doors team by CB photography

Photo Credit – Catriona Bonner

Playwright/Cast (Louise)

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Rena Bryson is a Galway based theatre maker. After graduating from Performing Arts at IT Sligo BA (Hons) Rena Bryson worked as an actor in the West of Ireland in productions including Bob Kelly’s The Big Wall, Dark Daughter Production’s Mother Loss, The Rabbit’s Riot’s Welcome to Wonderland and No Rope’s Flash Theatre.

Rena has worked off stage a drama teacher for ID Languages and the MWB Autism Support group, on set belly dancing in Halal Daddy, attending Comic Con in Hardy Bucks and as a runner for The Nathan Carter show. Her directing debut was for the Where We Are Now LGBT+ Theatre Festival where she presented two productions, Getting Unstuck and Of Trash and Tiffany. She  directed Eva’s Echo’s second production The Way It Is by Donna Hoke which premiered in the O’ Donoghue theatre in February.

Now based in Galway she is the co-founder of Eva’s Echo Theatre Company and is currently completing a master’s degree in theatre and drama at NUI Galway, where she has studied playwriting, acting and directing among other subjects. Rena assistant directed and performed in the company’s first production Match. The team received the Galway Fringe Best Emerging Artists Award 2017 for the production. Her work as a playwright has been produced by The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company when her play Prey was included in the production Our Generation.


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Elizabeth Flaherty is a passionate theatre and film maker. She is an actress, writer and director. She has been acting and performing for over 10 years. She studied Acting and Theatre Performance in Galway Community College. She then trained in Advanced Acting and Musical Theatre with Bull Alley Theatre Company based in Dublin. She has an Associate Diploma in Performing Speech and Drama from Trinity College London.

She has recently directed ‘First Dates’ with Amigo Productions in the Town Hall Theatre Galway. She also directed and starred in a children’s Theatre Production over the summer ‘Longwing and June’ with the Galway Fringe Festival.

Elizabeth has performed in many musicals, plays and films. Some of her theatre credits include Kate in ‘That Same Old Story’. Prince Edward in ‘Henry VI Part III’, Peg in ‘The Way of the World’ and Felicity Cunningham in ‘The Real Inspector Hound’. She has performed with Macnas, NoRopes Theatre Company, Meaney Productions, Espresso Productions, Waking the Feminists West, City Morgue Films, CATAGOGO Collective and numerous musical societies.  She also starred in two plays as part of Where We Are Now Festival 2017 (The North West of ‘s first LGBT+ Theatre Festival)  She was the leading lady in Eva’s Echo Theatre Company’s first production ‘Match’, as part of the Galway Fringe Festival which won the Fringe award for Emerging Artist. And is delighted to be working with this wonderful company again.

Elizabeth is also a successful writer. She has written many plays that were produced and performed in Galway. She was chosen as a playwright to present a piece of her work at the 2017 Notions Festival ( in association with An Ait Eile) for Theatre: Represent, which aimed to present new work that tackles issues not often addressed within theatre and plays. And she was truly honoured to receive the Best Writer Comedy award at the 2017 Theatre Room Awards.

She is a longstanding member of The Theatre Room Galway and worked on a number of productions as an actor, writer and director. She is currently on the Theatre Room Committee as their PR Officer since 2016.

She starred in two plays as part of the first Where We Are Now Festival in 2017 and is so happy to return here again for this innovative, incredible festival.

CAST ( Michelle)


Hazel was a graduate of the 2015 Performing Arts at IT Sligo(BA) class finding herself at home in the works of Chekhov and Shakespeare, in particular she brought to life the characters of Lady Macbeth (Macbeth ) and Olga ( Three Sisters ) in Sligo’s rustic theatre scene.

Performances in Bob Kelly’s The Big Wall and a spot on an episode of Hardy Bucks third season continued to nurture her love for the craft as she migrated to Galway to explore its coveted and storied theatre scene. Drawn to the works of Shaw and Wilde this young actor seeks to leave her mark on Irish theatre.

She made her first appearance in the Galway theatre scene as Mrs Eynsford Hill (Pygmalion ) which staged late November 2016. As Co-founder of Eva’s Echo Theatre Company she wrote, directed and played Caroline in the award-winning Match in July 2017. Hazel played Yasmine in an exciting dramatic play The Way It Is by Donna Hoke at the O’Donoughe Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance in February.


Sabrina Headshot

Sabrina is an actor and designer based in Galway. She has studied and been working in theatre and film for the past 3 years. She has studied acting with David Scott in the Applied Art of Acting full-time course and Acting & Theatre Performance in GCC, where she developed a love of production design. For the past 9 months, Sabrina has been working very closely with the Theatre Room Galway which is a local community of actors, writers and directors. Every month, she works with many different creative people to bring as many short plays to the stage.

She owes many of her design credits to Theatre Room, from costume and makeup to set and sound design. In 2017, she won Best Production Design for “When the Stars Fall”, which she also directed. She has also designed sets for “Tastes Like Chicken” and costumes for “Sucker”, all part of Theatre Room. Sabrina has worked as a production designer and hair & makeup artist for various films and sketches with Project Spatula. Last August, she was one of the hair & makeup designers for Project Spatula’s feature film which is set to be released later this year. She was the production designer for one of Project Spatula’s short sketches, “Mianach”. This is Sabrina’s first production with Eva’s Echo and she is very excited and honoured to be a part of the team.