The Team behind Uniform

Rena Bryson is directing the talented Hazel Doolan. Multitasker Hazel Stanley is stage managing while designing the set and costume and Cornelius Dwyer is back behind the lighting desk.

Hazel Doolan: Performer and Playwright

Hazel Doolan was a graduate of Performing Arts at IT Sligo. She finds herself at home in the works such as Wilde, Chekhov and Shakespeare while inspired by the practices of Stella Adler and Stanislavski. Hazel appeared in Sligo’s rustic theatre scene including Bob Kelly’s The Big Wall and Hardy Bucks Season Three.

As Co-founder of Eva’s Echo Theatre Company she wrote, directed and played Caroline in the award-winning Match. Hazel later played Yasmine in The Way It Is by Donna Hoke and co starred as Michelle in Jungle Door during the Where We Are Now Festival 2018. This production was revisited when produced for Galway Community Pride 2018. Hazel made her directing comeback for sell out production Dayshift by Darren Donohue and shared developing works during Eva’s Echo’s open mic Christmas fundraiser in aid of Jigsaw Galway. Most recent projects include directing Vlogger by Rena Bryson and assistant directing Dance of the Furies shoot by Catriona Bonner.

Rena Bryson : Director

Rena Bryson is a Galway based theatre maker. After graduating from Performing Arts at IT Sligo Rena worked as an actor in the West of Ireland in productions including Bob Kelly’s The Big Wall, Dark Daughter Productions & Costume Hire’s Mother Loss, The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company’s Welcome to Wonderland and NoRopes Theatre Company’s Flash Theatre. She has worked with The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company as an actor, playwright and director over the years.

Now based in Galway she is the co-founder of Eva’s Echo Theatre Company and completed a master’s degree in Theatre and Drama at NUI Galway last year. Rena assistant directed and performed in the company’s first production the award winning Match. With the company she played various comedic characters in Dayshift, Louise in Jungle Door her first full length play to be produced and Mia in Vlogger her second. As a playwright and producer Rena enjoys creating multimedia work mainly through the use of projections. She has appeared on screen acting and singing in Human Child featured on Leitrim Matters and as an extra in Hardy Bucks, True Crime and the film Halal Daddy, as well as having performed in many short films. Her most recent stage performance was in Tea Cosy Theatre’s production of The Vagina Monologues.

Hazel Stanley: Stage Management / Design

Hazel Stanley graduated from IT Sligo in 2016 with a degree in Performing arts Theatre Design. She worked with ÓR Productions at the Galway Fringe Festival in 2015 when she was Stage Manager and has previously worked with the Eva’s Echo theatre company as a designer on their 2017 debut production Match by Hazel Doolan and most recently Starseed by Killian Glynn.

Cornelius Dwyer: Lighting Design

Cornelius Dwyer has been working in theatre since the age of 11. He has been alternately an actor, writer, director, technician and designer working in numerous venues across Ireland and London. He studied Drama and Theatre Studies in University College Cork and has been working freelance in theatre ever since. Notable events include the national tour of the award winning In Light of Salt Rings They Drew, which he starred in and worked as assistant tour manager, and his original award winning play Heroine. Most recently he has been working around Galway with a host of companies including Decadent Theatre Company, Diffused Theatre Company , Fregoli Theatre Company and Eva’s Echo Theatre Company.

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