‘When Cane dumps fiancee Yasmine after eight years, he’s finished. But a trip back to their apartment to collect his things becomes a lesson in truth… and consequences.’

Photo Credit – Piotr Lyszkiewicz

You are invited to explore the aftermath of Yasmine and Cane’s eight year relationship in real time when Cane visits his former home. Yasmine wants justice, a price to pay for time stolen from her. Cane wants peace, to heal the wounds from his past. Will their romance be rekindled or will Cane walk away from Yasmine forever? Yasmine has a question and Cane’s answer could change their lives forever.

This exciting dramatic play by Donna Hoke was brought to life by Eva’s Echo Theatre Company on the 22nd of February at 8pm at the O’ Donoghue Theatre.

Directed by Rena Bryson and performed by Hazel Doolan and Michael Reed.

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